Quaker Service Australia

Quaker Service Australia Incorporated (QSA) was established out of a concern of Australia Yearly Meeting for addressing social injustices and continues to express these concerns in its work. QSA is a non-government, non-profit organisation service and overseas development aid organisation established in January 1959.  Its purpose is to express in a practical way the Concern of Australian Quakers for the building of a more peaceful, equitable, just and compassionate world. To this end, QSA works with communities in need, to improve their quality of life by means of projects that are culturally sensitive as well as being economically and environmentally appropriate and sustainable. QSA works with project partners on projects that have been initiated by the local communities themselves through community based organisations. 

QSA works with Aboriginal groups within Australia on a range of initiatives, and with community groups in other countries where the focus currently is on food and water security, environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation and capacity building. The aim is for QSA’s project partners, and their associated communities, to become self-sufficient and determine their own future.

Find out more at www.qsa.org.au

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