June 2024

Global Mission Partners

Global Mission Partners (GMP) creates life-changing partnerships through church partnerships, overseas aid and development, and Indigenous ministry in Australia. We come alongside our partners to learn, pray and act so that lives and communities are transformed. We link people, churches and resources across eleven nations, through Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA), International Church Partnerships (ICP), and Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA). Through COCOA, GMP works with vulnerable people in three continents, helping people to break the cycle of poverty.

Through projects of aid and development, we help our partners improve their standard of living, and to find hope for the future. We partner with churches around the world, developing and supporting leaders, pastors, and evangelists through ICP. We join together, supporting one another practically and through prayer, so that churches can bless their communities and share the gospel.

Through IMA, we stand in unity with Indigenous Australians, supporting their ministry across the country. In partnership with Indigenous people and communities, we support ministry and development, build relationships, and raise awareness for Indigenous issues. We also act through our movement of youth and young adults, embody. As a national community, embody connects and empowers young people to be involved in global mission. We explore issues of injustice and advocacy, and act on these together.

Established by Churches of Christ in Australia, GMP has a strong history that is evident in the quality and values of our partnerships. GMP is committed to creating these life-changing partnerships; partnerships based on trust, integrity and equality. We are proud to join our partners in their projects and contribute to their ministries.

Find out more at www.gmp.org.au