July 2024


Church Agencies Network

Who We Are

We are a group of twelve Church-based overseas aid and development
agencies committed to empowering people and providing avenues for them to
overcome injustice and poverty. We work closely with our Churches and
partners in many countries to achieve this change.


Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we seek to create a just world in
which all people can flourish in dignity and be the architects of their own
development and future.


To collaborate across a range of our work within Australia and overseas in
order to be more effective actors in the aid and development sector, and have
a more influential values-driven voice in relevant policy matter, attitudes and
awareness within Australia through:
a. Organisational development, CEO and staff networking;
b. Programs collaboration to ensure effective support for partners; and
c. Projecting a CAN Voice.

The Agencies which comprise CAN are:


As denominational or ecumenical agencies, we are accountable to and draw a large part of our support from, Australian Church members of our particular denominations. With this identity in mind, we commit to the following principles, to guide how we interact and operate together:

  • Support one another in our roles as Church agencies, sharing best practice and strategies related to organisational management, international programs and policy and professional development
  • Collaborate on areas of mutual interest, including (but not limited to) capacity building, program development and implementation, and advocacy
  • nform and contribute to the CAN and the broader development community, particularly in capturing and articulating the value-add of Australian Church agencies in development, and engaging the Australian community.

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What we do

Whilst each Agency operates independently and unilaterally, there are times when various Agencies collaborate on a single project to leverage experience and resources. We work with local partners and churches to achieve the maximum benefit for the local community. As members of CAN, we share a strategic vision and have a history of collaboration, sharing skills and resources, and of working towards long-term development objectives and capacity building with our partner agencies.

As Church agencies we share a common set of values and principles. Our values come from Christian teaching, from the Bible and the traditions of our Churches. We are all motivated in our work in development to follow the example of Jesus Christ, embodying the values of justice, wholeness of life, particular care and concern for the most vulnerable and the inherent worth and dignity of all people. As ACFID Code signatories we commit to and are bound by the principles of conduct prescribed in that Code. As denominational or ecumenical agencies, we are accountable to, and draw a large part of our support from, the Australian Church members of our particular denominations.


Our role in humanitarian work and disaster risk reduction (DRR)

As individual agencies, we play an important role in responding to natural disasters, and helping vulnerable people get back on their feet, especially in the Pacific. Working together, we can increase our impact, and the effectiveness of relief efforts overall.

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Contact us

You can contact the Church Agencies Network through the Secretariat.

Administrator: Helen Whyatt
Email: can-secretariat@caritas.org.au