October 2021

Anglican Board of Mission

Jesus came that we might have abundant life, and ABM believes that that life extends to the whole person – not just to the soul, but also to the material needs of the body. ABM’s Community Development Program is managed by our Anglicans in Development (AID) division. ABM (AID) works with Anglican Church Partners in the Pacific, PNG, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia to help deliver grassroots, community-driven development and disaster preparedness and response. Our belief is that communities are the best-placed to know what programs they need and what assistance they need from their partners. Partners are encouraged to work closely with communities to ensure communities are “in the driving seat” of development projects.

ABM (AID) works closely with its church partners to strengthen them to be effective and efficient, and to encourage them to strengthen the communities they work with. The programs which ABM funds include adult literacy, improved food security, water and sanitation, gender equality and social inclusion, livelihood support, some health services, HIV testing, counselling and awareness raising and water and sanitation projects. With sustainability in mind, ABM (AID) also encourages its partners both to work with their own governments, and also to help their local communities to advocate for better services from government at all levels.

Find out more at www.abmission.org